Honey Run Golf Club was designed by the noted golf course architect Edmond Ault and considered by many to be one of the “Best” course layouts in Central Pennsylvania. The staff at Honey Run Golf Club is committed to improving Honey Run Golf Club on a daily basis. You can help us improve Honey Run too by keeping your carts on the cart path at all green and tee locations and fixing your tee marks. With your help and cooperation we can continue making Honey Run the best public course in the area!

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Course Statistics

PAR 72

Tee Yardage Slope Rating Slope  Rating
I 6,826 130 72.6
II 6,470 128 71.0
III 6,004 120 68.7 130 73.6
IV 5,401 115 66.3 123 70.7
V 4,626 109 63.0 113 66.4

Par 4

With an open fairway and dogleg right, a driver down the left side is the perfect shot to set up a good angle for a short iron approach shot.

– 8 Handicap –
I: 424 yards
II: 400 yards
III: 393 yards
IV: 338 yards
V: 287 yards

Par 4

The sloping right to left fairway requires a long iron down the right side allowing the ball to feed to the left side of the fairway. The uphill approach shot requires an extra club to avoid the front bunkers.

– 2 Handicap –
I: 385 yards
II: 369 yards
III: 351 yards
IV: 302 yards
V: 228 yards

Par 5

The longest hole on the golf course requires a drive down the right side setting up a fairway wood and a wedge approach to a heavily bunkered green.

– 6 Handicap –
I: 579 yards
II: 562 yards
III: 463 yards
IV: 450 yards
V: 388 yards

Par 3

This long Par 3 usually plays into the prevailing wind requiring an extra club to carry onto a well bunkered green.

– 18 Handicap –
I: 200 yards
II: 189 yards
III: 169 yards
IV: 152 yards
V: 123 yards

Par 5

Avoiding the fairway bunker on the right is a must to set up this Par 5. A fairway wood down the left side shortens this dogleg left, leaving a short wedge to the green.

– 14 Handicap –
I: 550 yards
II: 525 yards
III: 445 yards
IV: 419 yards
V: 377 yards

Par 4

A mid to long iron off the tee must avoid the fairway bunkers, leaving a short iron into the green. The approach shot requires a carry over a hazard, so allow for plenty of club.

– 10 Handicap –
I: 385 yards
II: 367 yards
III: 367 yards
IV: 302 yards
V: 274 yards

Par 4

A severe dog leg to the right requires a 3 wood down the left side allowing for an open approach shot to a heavily bunkered green.

– 4 Handicap –
I: 398 yards
II: 380 yards
III: 357 yards
IV: 333 yards
V: 286 yards

Par 4

Only a 3 wood is required to reach the elevated landing area of Honey Run’s signature hole. The approach shot is only a short iron to an ample green.

– 12 Handicap –
I: 377 yards
II: 362 yards
III: 336 yards
IV: 260 yards
V: 211 yards

Par 3

This uphill Par 3 requires an extra club or two to reach the elevated green.

– 16 Handicap –
I: 187 yards
II: 171 yards
III: 155 yards
IV: 128 yards
V: 122 yards

Par 4

A perfectly straight long iron is needed off the tee to avoid the trees on either side of the fairway. The downhill approach shot plays slightly short of the actual yardage.

– 3 Handicap –
I: 412 yards
II: 397 yards
III: 385 yards
IV: 350 yards
V: 285 yards

Par 4

The tee shot must be played down the left side to avoiding a large Maple a leaving an open approach shot.

– 9 Handicap –
I: 371 yards
II: 360 yards
III: 360 yards
IV: 20 yards
V: 271 yards

Par 3

The water hazard on the right requires a tee shot to favor the left side of the green.

– 15 Handicap –
I: 173 yards
II: 158 yards
III: 138 yards
IV: 120 yards
V: 110 yards

Par 4

The dramatic right to left slope of this Par 5 requires all three shots to remain on the right side of the fairway. Placement on the second is preferred over distance and only requires a mid iron.

– 7 Handicap –
I: 573 yards
II: 509 yards
III: 465 yards
IV: 438 yards
V: 393 yards

Par 4

wide open fairway allows for a driver off the tee leaving a short wedge into the green, playing to the middle of the green helps to avoid the greenside bunkers.

– 13 Handicap –
I: 357 yards
II: 335 yards
III: 320 yards
IV: 272 yards
V: 263 yards

Par 5

The tee shot of this Par 5 is protected by fairway bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Once the tee shot is in play a fairway wood can be played down the left side avoiding the fairway and greenside bunkers.

– 11 Handicap –
I: 496 yards
II: 472 yards
III: 455 yards
IV: 426 yards
V: 379 yards

Par 4

This long dog leg left requires a drive down the right side just short of the pond. The approach shot is uphill and over bunkers requiring an extra club to reach the green.

– 1 Handicap –
I: 420 yards
II: 403 yards
III: 378 yards
IV: 360 yards
V: 276 yards

Par 3

This short downhill Par 3 plays a club shorter than the actual yardage. Aiming for the middle of the green takes the greenside bunkers out of play.

– 17 Handicap –
I: 176 yards
II: 160 yards
III: 149 yards
IV: 138 yards
V: 131 yards

Par 4

An uphill tee shot opens up down the left side taking the trees on the right out of play. An extremely deep green may require an extra club to a back pin placement.

– 5 Handicap –
I: 363 yards
II: 351 yards
III: 318 yards
IV: 293 yards
V: 222 yards

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